Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta and Rally
A celebration of vessels from a bygone era
Regatta 2023 Entrants
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The original owner commissioned Percy Dalton to take the lines of one of the original Falmouth working boats and contracted Cygnus Marine to construct the hull to the then relevant 'White Fish Authority' standard. This resulted in a very solid 28' , 8.3 tonne gaff rigged cutter. The rig was designed by Percy Dalton and the interior was designed and fitted out by the original owner.
The boat was sold in 2009 and kept in Weymouth with sadly aborted plans to take her to the Med by way of the French canals. She had a new Collars mast and gaff made, updated interior and new running rigging.
Since coming into my ownership in September 2020 she is now moored in Plymouth and I have fitted a new engine, bowsprit, standing and running rigging and the teak deck has also been re-caulked.