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"Le Grand Lejon"

"Sybil of Cumae"
Sibyl of Cumae was designed and built as a Gaff Cutter for the protected waters of the Clyde by William Fife III in Fairlie, Scotland in 1902. Her original name was Ensay, after a small island in the Outer Hebrides.
Her name changed early on to Sibyl. When she was off Lloyds register for a year, someone took the name. Coming back to the register the name extended to - of Cumae (The oracle who lived in a cave West of Naples and predicted the future, sat on a tripod over a fire) 
Sibyl converted to bermudan rig very early on in her life. She has also been a wishbone ketch. For a long time she lived at Lochgoilhead, and survived the war in Ireland.