Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta and Rally
A celebration of vessels from a bygone era
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The Regatta Format
The Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta, is not a race; in the modern era it is now a Corinthian Fleet, sail-in-company.
The Heritage Committee have reviewed and re-written the Sailing Instructions for all Classes to further reflect the Corinthian status that has had to be adopted by the Regatta.
Handicaps are applied to Classes 2 to 6, purely so that the Regatta Officer and the team can judge which boats have shown the best expertise and sailing skills during the afternoon's event.  

Please refer to the 'Additional Info' menu item for Sailing InstructionsRisk Assessment,Safety Plan and to the 'Entry Form' menu item for Entry Form
Classes 1 to 6
Class 1 - Sailing Trawlers and Large Working Boats  
Open to gaff, lug or similar rigged working boats and direct derivatives over 60 feet length on deck. Within Class 1 will be the former sailing trawlers sailing for the Perpetual Challenge Cup (King George V Cup). These must be over forty registered tons, gaff ketch rigged, and able to prove that they have in the past been registered for commercial fishing. No handicap is applied but there is a staggered start for safety purposes.  
Class 2 - Working Boats  
Open for all gaff, lug or similar rigged working boats, direct derivatives and replicas between 30 and 60 feet length on deck.  Class 2a Junk Rigged Vessels.
Class 3 - Small Working Boat
This class is for all gaff, lug or similar rigged working boats under 30 feet length on deck and replicas.  
Class 4 - Cruising and Open yachts, Gaff Rig  
Open for gaff rig yachts and replicas, principally designed for cruising or recreational use.  
Class 5 - Cruising and Open yachts, Bermudian Rig  
Open for wooden traditional yachts and replicas, generally over 30 years old - designed for cruising or recreational use. Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap to apply.  
All gaff rigged vessels are handicapped using the Old Gaffers Association system to give a Time Correction Factor (TCF) that is applied to the elapsed time for each vessel. Bermudian rigged vessels use a Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system.  
Class 6 - Cruising Yachts, over 30 years old (with any rig or construction) 
Open for any vessel not included in the above classes. Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap to apply.